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Latest Version of WFS’ seatooth® S100 Wireless Subsea modem, Ready to Ship

17 October 2012

This week, WFS Technologies will begin shipping the latest version of seatooth® S100, the wireless subsea modem from the WFS seatooth® range.

seatooth® S100 is a mobile, compact, low power, wireless modem suitable for a variety of underwater applications from 100m – 4000m, with an optional 8MB of integrated memory for data logging. It will provide a reliable digital wireless communication link or logging device up to 5m even in challenging deep water conditions (with no wet-mate connection). The modem is available in a variety of configurations and housings offering various depth rating options, including an unpackaged OEM version available for easy integration.

S100 is equipped with standard data communication interfaces, making it suited to sensor and underwater vehicle applications. It can be deployed swiftly on temporary or permanent installations to support safety and efficiency in a range of subsea applications including:

- Subsea Black Box/Subsea data recorder; S100 can integrate wirelessly with Subsea Control Modules and log 8MB of operational data which can be retrieved from safe distance.
- Wireless Backup using S100 ensures that control is maintained in the event of equipment failure. It can wirelessly initiate an alarm, an emergency disconnect sequence or valve actuation and adds an additional layer of redundancy for challenging operations
- Upgrading subsea equipment using S100 is a safe, cost-effective and time-efficient means of trouble-shooting, uploading new software or changing operating parameters.

- Wireless Integrity Management: Wireless harvest of data from subsea sensors without wet mate connectors, using a small and lightweight ROV. The cost of intervention is reduced and additional surface support not required. Availability of data for operational decision-making is increased due to reduced cost of data harvest and therefore working lifetime of deployed assets is extended.
- Wireless Subsea data logging of multiple parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature etc. Ad-hoc data retrieval by ROV requires no hardwire to the surface and no physical retrieval of datalogger. This is a cost effective option when compared to a dedicated data retrieval mission.
- Wireless Remote Subsea Monitoring of Subsea Equipment (e.g. load, strain, temperature). Sensors can be located in hard to reach areas with no need for hard cabling and data collected more frequently.
- Wireless Integrity Management Demonstrator: WFS Technologies recently demonstrated wireless communications with a data logger connected to a Stork WisPURECP cathodic protection system using the popular VideoRay Pro 4 Eyeball ROV. This demonstrated how the use of seatooth® S100 modems reduce cost, risk and complexity.

WFS will be running harbour demonstrations of the integrated system in the coming months in the UK, please contact for more details.