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Kongsberg Intellifield Delivers Integrated Collaboration Facilities to GDF Suez E&P Norge

09 March 2009

Extensive solution forms key part of Intergated Operations at the Gja field.

GDF SUEZ E&P Norge recently performed the grand opening of its new, complete Onshore Operations Centre delivered by Kongsberg Intellifield for the operation of the Gja oil and gas field.

When production at the Gja oil and gas field starts in 2010, GDF SUEZ E&P Norge will take over the operational responsibility and Integrated Operations is the practical way in which the company will operate the field. Kongsberg Intellifield is responsible for the complete delivery of the Integrated Collaboration Facilities to GDF SUEZ E&P Norge including surveying and consultancy regarding design of collaborative solutions, mapping of demands from the work processes as well as installation and training.

The collaboration rooms will allow for transfer of real time data from the wells and facilitate operation of several of Gja's processes onshore. The facilities consist of the Gja onshore operations centre in Sandnes, Norway, which contains an open work area, a 3D-visualisation room, a production optimisation room and the main collaboration room. In addition Kongsberg Intellifield will supply collaboration facilities offshore at the Gja platform and at the GDF SUEZ E&P Norge Supply Base in Flor.

Project manager of Integrated Collaboration Environments in Kongsberg Intellifield, Carl Gustav Christensen, sees this delivery as a milestone for the oil and gas industry and the operation of oilfields.

"This delivery means that Kongsberg Intellifield further strengthens its position as supplier of collaboration environments directed towards the Norwegian oil and gas industry. Our competence is unique in Norway but we also deliver to large international companies. Kongsberg Intellifield focuses on the full picture by controlling the project from planning to complete delivery and operator training. As a result, the client can relate to one partner only," says Christensen.

GDF SUEZ E&P Norge is a wholly-owned affiliate of GDF SUEZ, present in Norway since 2001. The company is a partner in several fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and its asset portfolio is growing. The company now has 19 exploration licenses, two operatorships and a half-dozen production licenses. Its largest investment is the development in Gja, with its estimated 82 barrels of oil and condensate and 40 cubic metres of gas.

"As Gja will be the first field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf that GDF SUEZ E&P Norge will operate, we are extremely proud of the new facilities provided by Kongsberg Intellifield. Since the Gja operations organisation will be widely distributed geographically, it is important to connect all partners, contractors and suppliers in an efficient manner utilising real-time communication and data transfer techniques," comments Steffi Baltrusch, Project Manager of Integrated Operations at GDF SUEZ E&P Norge.

"These techniques are provided through the Gja collaboration facilities which are standardised at all locations and shall be used to overcome geographical barriers. They will facilitate informed and accelerated decision making processes and will help us realise our integrated operations vision," concludes Baltrusch.