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Brazil: Oil and Gas Equipment Needs

23 November 2012

The Brazilian Embassy in London has recently approached UK Trade and Investment with a list of specific oil and gas equipment needed, looking to find UK-based companies to help meet their requirements.

Featuring on the Brazilian Embassy's shopping list are the following needs:

1. Technology applicable to process vessels surface treatment
a) Triphasic Gravity Separators: project development, qualification and fabrication.
b) Electrostatic Treatment : project development, qualification and fabrication of types AC/DC of vertical and horizontal flow
c) Encapsulated Hydrocyclones : Project development, qualification and fabrication of Capsule Hydrocyclones for oily water treatment.

2. Technologies applicable in subsea installations, flexible pipes and accessories:
a) Project development, qualification and fabrication of flexible pipes and its accessories, such as bend stiffeners and end fittings.
b) Project development, qualification and fabrication of integrity monitoring systems capable of detecting failing mechanisms: wire bursting and annular flooding

3. Technologies for well application –intelligent well completion systems
a) Development of systems, equipments and tools for automation and optimisation of injection and production through independent control of different gaps on the completion of the well.

4. Coating for isolation and polymerisation of rust without the use of mechanical abrasion. Innovative technology required.

5. Tools for removal of rusted bolts of up to 4 inches. Pneumatic or air driven. Innovative technology required.

6. Composites for Pipe coating supporting up to 200 degrees C.

7. Oil Spill Recovery System. Equipment for huge proportion spills.

8. Oil/water separators with 60% watercut. Compact units are preferred.

9. Partnership/Investment – Local fabrication of winches for up to 150 tones. Local company with a fabrication yard available is looking for an investment partner. They are looking for UK companies willing to invest in equipment and manufacturing process for the local production of winches.

10. Partnership - Local engineering company specialised in the downstream area (construction and maintenance of refineries, pipelines, etc) with existing experience in providing geotechnical services. This company is moving into oil and gas exploration providing services linked to the environmental area such as licenses, etc. They are willing to hear from UK companies providing other services in the exploration area, so they can analyse partnership opportunities to expand their portfolio. Particular areas of interest are: risk analysis in the exploratory and operation phase, environmental services for the exploration phase, software.

11. A Petrorbas contact in the Santos Basin is specifically looking for suppliers of plastic pipes used in offshore platform fire fighting sprinkles network. Field proven technology is a requirement for immediate acquisition.

Any company interested in supplying the necessary equipment should contact