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KD Marine Completes Never Done Before Project on FPSO

KD Marine Completes Never Done Before Project on FPSO

27 November 2012

KD Marine has completed the removal and recovery of a damaged 114mm wire on the APL buoy designed mooring system and replaced with a new 144mm mooring wire.

It was the first time this type of work has been completed beneath an FPSO, in addition to this the project was completed without shutting down production on the facility.

The project was completed within 21 days with no incidents to personnel or assets.

The damaged wire was removed by KD Marine then recovered to the deck of the Far Sapphire, in addition to this the specialist diving contractor was also tasked with the installation of the new mooring wire.

The project was a "one for one” replacement of a damaged mooring wire attached from the seabed anchoring system to the STP turret. The existing (damaged) mooring wire was recovered from the seabed by the Far Sapphire and then cut with a hydraulic anvil cutter fitted by the dive team just below the socket on the APL buoy.

The wire was then recovered to the anchor handling vessel. The socket stub, still attached to the turret, was then removed and recovered to the installation by the KD Marine dive team.

A new 144mm mooring wire was then deployed from the installation and connected by the KD Marine dive team to the STP turret. After the successful connection of the socket to the STP buoy the end of the new wire was transferred to an anchor handling vessel for connection to the seabed anchoring system.

With this project needing to be completed before winter and with the scheduled shut down of production not till next year KD Marine were tasked with creating a solution which could be completed while the installation was still in production. The other alternative was to shut down the facility and cost the client 100 days of production in the process.

This project was a first as it has never been done beneath an FPSO before let alone while it was still in production, this further demonstrates KD Marine’s innovation and ability to find practical solutions to problems.

All diving was performed from the installation by using KD Marine’s over the side platforms, the project was aided by the use of an anchor handling vessel.

Sandy Peterson, KD Marine Operations Manager, commented on the project: "We sat down with the clients earlier this year and it was clear they were looking for ideas ‘outside of the box’ but still with a strong focus on safety.This early start allowed us to propose different plans and discuss with the client the best way to progress this with a realistic work scope”.

He continues: "We are very pleased that the project was completed with minimal delay and delivered exactly how our clients expected, while again delivering a project with no accidents or injury to anyone involved. During this project we have continued to build upon the excellent relationship that has been forming with Bluewater and we hope to be back on another project with them in the near future”.