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RUD Chains Launches Latest Innovation: TECDOS

25 March 2013

RUD Chains, a leading manufacturer of high quality round steel chains offer unrivalled applications for a wide variety of maritime applications with their latest innovation TECDOS. With over 130 years of expertise to draw upon, you can be confident in the standard of their products.

RUDís latest innovation, TECDOS has been setting high standards across the offshore industry due to its distinctive features. RUDís highly wear resistant round steel chains are extremely robust, offers three-dimensional mobility and has an exceptionally high resistance to corrosion due to the vigorous surface coating that is applied to the chain.

The TECDOS application can be used across a wide range of maritime projects which involve the use of round steel chain drives. So far TECDOS has been used to assist opening and closing of flood gates, lifting and lowering containers, moving and swivelling port cranes, launching lifeboats to telescoping crane booms to name a few.

The scope of TECDOS is very great says product manager RUD Chains ĎThere are many maritime applications that TECDOS can fit to now and there is also lots of potential applications where round steel chain drives could be used for future projects and new innovationsí.

The strength and quality of RUD chain used in their TECDOS system is exceptional. The breaking forces of the single chain strands range from 20 to 1287kN. The strongest strands can pull loads weighing more than 10,000 tonnes or lift goods weighing up to 26 tonnes, meaning it has the power to work successfully across even the most demanding environments.

There is no doubt that TECDOS offers a great range of advantages with its systems high durability and long service life when used underwater, offshore or in harbours. RUD have great knowledge and technical experience to aid in projects in the industry whether you are looking for a drive for a ship loader, to unique handling systems for the deployment of large structural fabrications on the seabed, RUD have standard and totally specialised solutions to help in maritime projects. As TECDOS is such a versatile application RUD are always looking for new projects within the maritime environment to best utilise the TECDOS advantages.