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Kongsberg Maritime Presenting New Cameras, Accessories and Sonar at Ocean Business 2009

30 March 2009

Kongsberg Maritime Ltd, the leading underwater camera and imaging specialist, will be showing no fewer than ten new products at Ocean Business 09, including the launch of a new direct HD-SDI coax or fibre output option for its leading underwater HDTV colour zoom camera the OE14-502. A new pan & tilt unit, five new lamps, 625 and 525 line versions of the new OE13 124 BIT low-light underwater camera and two new Mesotech Scanning Sonar heads can also be found on the company's show booth, N1.

More Affordable HDTV Camera Options

Kongsberg, the pioneer of affordable underwater HDTV technology, is now able to offer its customers a more straightforward and cost effective way to output HD-SDI video format from its popular OE14-502 Component Underwater HDTV colour zoom cameras. A choice of either HD-SDI High Definition - Serial Digital interface) fibre or coax connectors are now offered directly from the existing compact camera housing, negating the need for an additional separate digipod. A range of fibre wavelengths are available.

This new configuration coupled with a host of other unique features including Kongsberg Maritime's long line drive and digital IR Remote & GUI Controls and exceptional image quality give the OE14-502 best in class price-performance. With the growth in availability of more affordable high bandwidth telemetry and HD recording options this means underwater HDTV is fast becoming a realistic option for all.

New Multi-Purpose Pan & Tilt Unit

The new OE10-102 is an electric multi-purpose pan & tilt unit offering exceptional torque, positioning performance and durability for the toughest subsea tasks. Its compact robust design, high shock & vibration tolerance and other environmental and electrical protection features ensure continuous performance in the harshest environments.

The OE10-102 has digital (RS485 or RS232) or analogue control and is suitable for use with a wide variety of underwater cameras, lamps and other instrumentation on the full spectrum of vehicles, from observation class ROVs to the largest plough or trencher.

New General Purpose, LED and HID Lamps

Kongsberg Maritime is well known for its quality underwater camera lamps and now adds several new lamp models to the range. The New OE11-145 General Purpose (GP) ROV lamp provides up to 500W illumination. It is an extremely robust and compact design for general ROV and diver held use for video purposes. The light source is a single bright 'Mini-can' tungsten Halogen bulb, though the lamp accepts a wide range of bulbs. The OE11-145 is designed to be able to act as a direct swap out for existing legacy GP lamps.

The OE11-150 is a compact and powerful underwater LED inspection lamp, which utilises the latest high brightness LEDs, outputting 800 Lux (@ 1m) from 50W power with a wide 68 beam (in water). The low maintenance LEDs also have >50,000 hours of life (if adequately cooled). The New OE11-150F Dye Detection LED lamp is a compact blue LED version for dye/leakage detection.

Also at Ocean Business and introduced recently, the OE11-141 & OE11-143 HID lamps are highly efficient, offering up to five times the light output (up to 5600 Lux @ 1m light output) compared to conventional filament lamps, whilst still only using the same amount of power.

OE13 124 BIT Low-Light Camera - 525 line version now also available

The OE13 124 BIT, Kongsberg Maritime's new generation low-light underwater camera delivers unprecedented light sensitivity, image quality and range performance, enabling users to undertake more accurate, longer range underwater vehicle navigation in low-light and in turbid water conditions. The OE13 124 BIT is now available in a EIA RS170 (525 line 60Hz) version in addition to the original CCIR (625 line, 50Hz) version.

New 1171 Series Scanning Sonar Heads - from Kongsberg Mesotech

The 1171 Series of obstacle avoidance imaging and profiling sonar heads from Kongsberg Mesotech have been developed to meet the requirements for both shallow and deep ocean applications. As well as the choice of operating frequencies, the new sonar heads feature faster scanning rates, improved range resolution and even clearer, sharper images, all in a more compact lighter housing.

Visit booth N1 at Ocean Business 09 to find out more about Kongsberg Maritime's range of cameras, accessories and sonar heads.