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StatoilHydro Selects SPT Group’s edpm® Solution for their Production Monitoring System at Yttergryta in the North Sea

03 April 2009

StatoilHydro has awarded SPT Group the contract for delivery of an online Production Management System (PMS) covering the Yttergryta, Mikkel and Midgard subsea fields. The PMS will be configured in edpm SPT Group's online e-Field Solution based on OLGA® multiphase flow simulator (edpm®).

There are two main purposes of the PMS: One is to have control of the MEG injection and control the risk for hydrate formation. The other is to have control of liquid accumulations for low rate production and the subsequent liquid surge volumes expelled from the line during rate increases.

The system has the following edpm® modes:
•Planning (what-if)
•Look-back (tuning)

The following edpm® applications are included:
•Transparent pipeline
•Virtual instrumentation
•MEG tracking advisor
•Hydrate advisor

For more information about OLGA and edpm; visit

The Yttergryta field
Yttergryta subsea is a gas and condensate field in the Norwegian Sea, 33 km east of Åsgard B, developed with a simple subsea production facility on the seabed and a pipeline tied back to the Åsgard B platform by way of the Midgard subsea production system.

Yttergryta went from find to production in around 18 months. The fast realisation from find to production was possible due to good knowledge about the subsurface in the area, and the ability to tie the subsea production facility back to the existing infrastructure on the Åsgard field. The discovery was made in the summer of 2007 and the Plan for Development and Operation was approved by the authorities in May 2008. The production from Yttergryta field was started up in January 2009.