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Lunch & Learn with Brazilian Experts

Lunch & Learn with Brazilian Experts

09 July 2013

This event has concluded. You can find the presentation delivered below.

There is no doubt that the Brazilian Oil & Energy market is well in the radar of many organizations, who in their own rights are more than capable of effectively and efficiently servicing this major South American giant. At the same time, we would all agree that as a developing nation, Brazil, may not be as straightforward to operate in as most of us would like to. For this reason and given the constant changes in legislation and regulations, Brastrading UK Ltd and Noronha Advogados will be covering some key points for Organizations interested in entering the Brazilian Oil & Energy market and also for those already operating in Brazil. Some of the key topics discussed were, Pre-salt latest and forthcoming rounds (Who bid, who’s got it, conditions, etc); Advanced stock holding; Channels of distribution; Customs Duties and Taxation; ICMS/ VAT inter-state regulations – how can you benefit from these mechanisms.

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