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Resourcing for Growth: A Practical Introduction to Subsea Target - Aberdeen

06 September 2013

This event has concluded. Pictures are available below.

A Critical Success Factor for any growing businesses is the access to and availability of people with the skills and attributes to deliver their products and services safely and profitably. For companies looking to grow quickly, alongside the usual challenges of attraction, recruitment, training and development, they also have to manage the smooth and timely integration of the influx of new recruits.

Subsea Target is a major strand of Subsea UKs on-going workforce and skills strategy. It contains help and support for both individuals and companies. For individuals this information and guidance is accessed via a website.

At this participative session for company representatives, Subsea UK will introduce the Subsea Target initiative, share learning to date and explain the support it provides to businesses seeking to build their skills and workforce capacity and capability.

Welcome by Neil Gordon - CEO Subsea UK

Annette Thomas - Subsea UK

Introducing and facilitating the overall session sharing information about Subsea Target as a major strand of Subsea UKs on-going workforce and skills strategy, helping the attending delegates identify how this opportunitycould support their business.

Nadia Auldand Nicol Paton - ROVOP

Explaining their recruitment innovations and experiences of integrating new people successfully into their organisation including development of the ROVOP Academy.

Karen Summers- Subsea UK

Providing an overview on Subsea UK's Mobilising the Military event, highlighting the benefits and successes of hiring military personnel, the event model structure and further development of future events.

Shona Angus, HR Generalist, Stats Group

Giving Stats Group's perspective on the Mobilising the Military event and success in hiring workforce from this talent pool.

Paolo Monachello

Shares his personal perspective on Mobilising the Military into the subsea sector and how valuable he sees the Mobilising the Military event.

Neil Leonard, Director of HR, Bibby Offshore

Sharing Bibby Offshore'sexperience and learning from the introduction and implementation of their successful subsea engineering conversion programme.

Annette Thomas - Subsea UK

Facilitating a question and answer session to conclude the overall session.