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Energise your Future: Discovering Today's Talent for Tomorrow's Energy

Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

26 June 2008

This event has concluded.

The event was organized through a multi stakeholder alliance partnership with Marathon Oil UK being the main sponsor. Members of the alliance are, Marathon, OPITO – The Oil and Gas Academy, Careers Scotland, Energy Institute, Shell and WSCA.

In the morning 460 pupils visited the exhibition centre to experience a range of interactive skills challenges and find out about the breadth of existing jobs this industry has to offer. The afternoon was opened up to members of the public where a further 230 individuals attended.

From climbing walls, ROV simulators, engineering challenges, presentations, workshops to the Subsea Aquatheatre, Energise Your Future can indeed be called a successful event that showcased the industry as a hugely exciting career and lifestyle choice.

The Subsea Aquatheatre attraction was truly an impressive showcase of the subsea industry that hopefully made its mark on the children and adults that were ‘wowed’ by it. The aim of this attraction was to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and engineering. Thanks to our members and supporters pupils were able to fly real ROVs through pipes, bubble clouds, steel rings and a slalom of buoys.

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