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Launch of Commercial Diving Courses Accredited under Ministry of Manpower ATP Scheme

Launch of Commercial Diving Courses Accredited under Ministry of Manpower ATP Scheme

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28 January 2015

In Singapore, diving standards vary across the board, where some divers have completed offshore diving training programs overseas while others holding only sport or recreational diver training and certifications. This has raised an important concern of untrained commercial divers, diving supervisors and various accidents over the past years. A Singapore National diving training programme has since been developed for divers who inspire to become a trained commercial divers and be certified nationally.

KBA Training Centre (KBAT) is pleased to announce four levels of training courses under its latest Diving Training Programme with the first launch of Level 1 CSCUBA training course scheduled on 19 January to 13 February 2015 with an official opening ceremony to be held at the training site in early February 2015. The first course has already received confirmed registrations from two local diving companies, local shipyards and individuals from Singapore, Malaysia and British Nationals.

These courses will only be available in Singapore as the training and assessment of commercial diver trainees is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Singapore relevant legislations, codes of practices, technical advisories and training guidelines e.g. Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA), Code of Practice for Diving at Work (Singapore Standards SS 511) and Technical Advisory (TA) for Inland/Inshore Commercial Diving Safety and Health.

In order to promote professionalism and safety standards in Singapore’s commercial diving industry, KBAT has been working closely with local authorities and associations (i.e. Commercial Diving Association Singapore – CDAS) to develop the highest standards of training and certification for commercial divers in

accordance to Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) guidelines and SPRING Singapore code of practice.

"It is an honour that KBAT is part of the team to raise the importance of safety through training and overall to promote commercial diving standards in Singapore. We had embarked on a pilot-program with a local company since Q3 2013, and have been working very closely with MOM Singapore, WSHC and CDAS in the course syllabus development. The authority has been very stringent in its assessment of the training schemes to ensure the highest standards are established and set.” commented Mr. Darren Brunton, Managing Director of KBAT.

There are a total of four levels of training up to Commercial Diving Supervisor level; with each competency standard outlining the minimum requirements that must be achieved before progressing to the next level of training to ensure occupational divers are trained and certified within the national standards. The training courses are:

·Commercial Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CSCUBA) Diver - Level 1 (19 January – 13 February 2015)

·Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) Diver - Level 2 (23 February – 01 April 2015)

·Commercial Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CSCUBA) Diving Supervisor - Level 3.

·Inland/Inshore Diving Supervisor (also named as Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) Diving Supervisor) – Level 4 (13 – 17 April 2015)

Additional course dates for each course will be set for 2015 and onwards

Darren said, "This training opens a new career path for individuals who are keen to pursue commercial diving as a career – which can be very rewarding with great job satisfaction, lasting friendships and well-paid contracts. Setting aside, company sponsored delegates can tap on a training grant for local commercial divers – initiated by Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Employees’ Union (SMEEU PMO), Commercial Diving Association Singapore (CDAS) and e2i, who are working together in upskilling and accreditation of commercial divers to establish, maintain and upgrade the safety standards for commercial diving. Not only this will help local ship owners and contractors to lower their training cost but also means a more competent workforce with safer work systems and procedures.”

The new diver training programme supplements the current MOM approved safety courses that KBAT offers – WSH Risk Management, Occupational First Aid, Rigger and Signalman, Compressed Air Works (Man-Lock and Medical-Lock Attendant), Construction Safety Orientation Course for Workers and Work at Height (WAH) for workers, supervisors, assessors and managers).