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Proserv Offshore Introduces 180-in. Water-Abrasive Cutting System

16 June 2009

Proserv Offshore's strategic business unit, Subsea & Marine Technology, has announced that a 180-in diameter internal severance, water-abrasive cutting tool is now available to offshore operators.

Commenting on the introduction, Richard Burgo, vice president of sales and marketing for Proserv Offshore, Subsea & Marine Technology, said, “Over the last eight years, our JetCut system has provided operators a full range of internal and external cold-cutting solutions from 5 5/8-in. to 120-in. diameters, including odd sizes. In 2005, we performed our first 120-in. caisson cut, and since 2001 we have cut on more than 250 structures in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), comprising in excess of 800 successful cuts.

“As a result of that experience and with the introduction of the 180-in. tool, operators anywhere in the world now have access to one provider who can quickly and safely execute multiple-sized cuts within one project,” he said.

In one case study on a GoM South Timbalier Area platform, Proserv Offshore completed 16 cuts in 3-1/2 days, ranging from 36-in. main piles requiring topside deployment to 48-in. skirt piles requiring subsea deployment. And more recently, the company completed a project in the Vermillion Area. The three-day project included four 60-in. and four 48-in. main piles requiring topside deployment, and four 48-in. skirt piles needing subsea deployment.

Proserv Offshore's JetCut system uses up-to-date water-abrasive technology to directly inject cutting material into the water stream. Considered one of the safest cutting and most environmentally friendly solutions available, the cutting action is shock free, leaves no heat-affected zones and is completely inert.

Subsea & Marine Technology, known for engineering integrated subsea solutions, also supplies cold-cutting equipment spreads that include diamond wire, abrasive disc and reciprocating saws as well as support equipment such as venturi jet dredges for localized seabed dredging in shallow and deepwater applications, and operated by divers or ROV. In addition, the business unit provides high-pressure water jetting for coating removal and friction-welding services for anode attachment.

Proserv Offshore, a global leader in the removal of damaged and/or mature offshore structures and wellheads, offers its services across four main areas of expertise: decommissioning contractors and engineers, abandonment services, subsea and marine technology, and high pressure and ultra-high pressure pump services.

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