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Advanced Delivery Programs Launched during UK Roadshow

Advanced Delivery Programs Launched during UK Roadshow

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24 March 2015

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will be showcasing its new Advanced Delivery Programs as part of a UK Technical Roadshow.
The 2015 Technical Roadshow will give professionals a chance to learn more about Trelleborg’s latest service through presentations and hands-on displays. Experts and design engineers will also offer on-the-spot consultations, answer questions and provide specialized technical training.
The UK leg of the European tour takes place between Monday June 23 and Friday July 3, with companies invited to request a visit.
Trelleborg’s Advanced Delivery Programs will be launched during the roadshow. Allowing engineers to simplify their C Class item management, the system is designed to be adaptable and scalable to changing market demands and production cycles.
David Brown, Managing Director for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in the UK, said: "We might be an international company but we are also proud of our close relationships in each of the countries we operate in. This UK leg of our European tour is a further demonstration of Trelleborg’s ‘global reach, local presence’ commitment.
"Through our Advanced Delivery Programs, we strive to understand our customers’ unique supply chain requirements and develop delivery programs designed to streamline their procurement, inventory and replenishment processes.
"We have designed all of our customized delivery programs to be adaptable and scalable to changing market demands and production cycles.”
The Advanced Delivery Programs simplify internal processes by optimizing and streamlining traditional purchasing and planning operations through reduced buying and planning activity as well as minimized parts handling.
They improve part availability by ensuring consistency through automated SealScanTM replenishment signals, an integrated forecasting and planning module, global inventory management programs and elimination of stockouts or expediting.
The programs also reduce cost thanks to a lean order and replenishment process, while reducing expenditure associated with C class item management through reduced time spent purchasing and planning. Further benefits include decreasing inventory carrying costs, potential for vendor consolidation and the elimination of quality verification cost.
To arrange a visit from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ UK Technical Roadshow, email