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Hydratight Releases a New Split Frame Clamshell for Large-scale Cutting and Beveling Applications

Hydratight Releases a New Split Frame Clamshell for Large-scale Cutting and Beveling Applications

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22 April 2015

Hydratight unveils a new MM120 Clamshell with all-steel split ring style housing, offering an impressive operating range from 85.9 in (2181.9 mm) to 121.5 in. (3086.1 mm). Designed for parting and beveling of larger diameter pipelines and vessels in situ, the MM120 split frame lathe builds upon the best in class range of Hydratight cold cutting, beveling and severing clamshells.

The MM120 is powered with a high displacement hydraulic motor providing maximum cutting torque, and the housing is constructed of steel components which assure a rigid set-up even under the most demanding conditions. For ease of set-up, the MM120 can be disassembled into four components.

The mounting ring is equipped with 16 locators. Each adjustable locator is equipped with adjustable feet with 0.56" (14.22mm) of axial adjustment to aid in set-up.

Solid body locators cover an impressive 36" (914.4mm) range and eliminate the need for multiple extensions. Access plates along the gear face allow for increased ease of tolerance adjustments and refurbishment.

The MM120 has several bolt-on accessories that extend the machine's range of application including cutting, beveling, facing and ID boring. All bolt-on accessories are actuated using a remote tripper assembly which provides increased control and safety.

Mike Mroz, Hydratight Machining Product Manager, said "As new machining projects have begun in the petrochemical, mining and heavy construction industries, we’ve experienced a surge in demand for large diameter in situ machining solutions.

"The option of renting tools,” added Mroz, "is often a faster, more cost-effective way to obtain the latest portable machine tools or to supplement existing machines without making unnecessary capital expenditures. We anticipate the MM120 to not only be a great tool for purchase, but also an important rental option for our customers.”