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Harkand Haldane DP3 Dive Support Vessel: A New Wave of DSV

Harkand Haldane DP3 Dive Support Vessel: A New Wave of DSV

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24 April 2015

The Harkand Haldane is a DP3 dive support vessel currently being designed and built in Europe to reduce downtime in the North Seaís winter marginal weather months. Along with its well-equipped and logically planned layout, Harkandís clients looking for increased efficiency to maximize production during these challenging times may well have struck gold.

There is no doubt this is a demanding time for the oil and gas industry. With the slump in the oil price operating companies in the North Sea have two major considerations: to challenge the status quo across their aging subsea assets in order to maximize production; or to look towards investing in new developments in other regions.

Rejuvenating older fields through life extension can only be delivered through a robust subsea integrity management system. Managing expenditure on aging assets and subsea infrastructure also represents a key challenge to all industry players to ensure the life of North Sea oil and gas production is extended safely and economically.

Much of the global subsea fleet and resources are now dedicated to large scale, new development work on a worldwide basis. But there is a niche market in terms of inspecting, repairing and maintaining (IRM) older infrastructure and more recent subsea systems.

Harkand has a proven track record in IRM, with the staff, equipment and HSEQ accreditations giving it the resources and know-how to meet these challenges.

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