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Trelleborg Launches Mobile Production Unit for Flexible Coating Applications

Trelleborg Launches Mobile Production Unit for Flexible Coating Applications

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29 April 2015

Trelleborg’s offshore operation has launched its brand new Mobile Production Unit (MPU) – a portable coating facility that will enable onsite coating of thermal insulation, passive fire and corrosion protection, anywhere in the world.
The unit can be mobilized in a short time frame and sent straight to site to apply coatings such as Trelleborg’s thermal insulation – Vikotherm™ R2 and Firestop, a jetfire resistant material. This increases project flexibility and reduces the costs and lead times associated with transporting parts to a specialist coating facility.
Trond Kristensen, Thermal Insulation Business Manager for Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Norway, comments: "The requirement for local content is growing and more often than not, large parts of projects are now being completed within the same country. In response to this trend, we knew it was important to increase our flexibility to enable the coating process to take place locally too.”
The MPU unit contains an extruder and a rotating spindle with the possibility for side extrusion of Vikotherm™ R2 directly to straight pipes of up to 12 meters. The extruder is also used to produce 25 mm thick Vikotherm™ R2 profiles for coating of complex geometries such as bends, valves and flanges. In addition, there are a number of vulcanization containers for up to 20 meter pipes or structures. Finally, the MPU concept includes a conventional coating machine for coating of straight pipes for passive fire and corrosion protection.
The high performance rubber-based composite applied by the unit – Vikotherm™ R2 - insulates and protects jumpers, manifolds, risers, pipelines, flow lines, equipment and other subsea structures. Designed to last a minimum of 30 years, the material is maintenance-free, avoiding future replacements or rectifications.
Vikotherm™ R2 is practically incompressible and resistant to both seawater and impact. It effectively withstands low and high temperatures and gives corrosion and mechanical protection.
The MPU will provide advanced corrosion protection against all corrosive agents commonly encountered in the offshore sector. It also features state of the art firestop technology to withstand all types of fire, including jet fire, and offers blast and impact resistance. Similarly, the unit features a complete workshop, including a first aid kit and all consumables needed for onsite installation.