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Global Naval Order for Tritech Micron Sonars

Global Naval Order for Tritech Micron Sonars

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06 May 2015

Tritech has recently delivered 55 Micron sonars to Blueprint Subsea as part of their order fulfilment for a number of global naval consignments.

The Micron sonars are to be integrated into Blueprint Subsea’s ARTEMIS system, a handheld diver navigation solutiondesigned around the Tritech Micron sonar. The ARTEMIS system encompasses a subsea control and display unit, rechargeable battery pack, neutral buoyancy swim board and GPS buoy.

As a low power lightweight sensor, the Micron sonar provides long-range detection whilst maintaining short range capability; therefore making it ideal for diver naval operations such as target search and identification. The Micron sonar utilises digital CHIRP technology for improved range resolution and in this configuration provides the diver with a forward looking 90° field of view.

James Barratt, Blueprint Subsea, comments: "A diver working in poor visibility conditions needs clear imagery and the Micron sonar, as part of the ARTEMIS diver navigation console, is the ideal acoustic solution to help identify unknown or unidentified targets. Tritech is renowned for underwater sensors and the Micron sonar, due to its form and performance, is a natural fit for ARTEMIS."

Scott McLay, Sales Director, Tritech, comments: "The integration of the Micron sonar with the ARTEMIS console is a clear example of how Tritech’s products have alternative applications other than traditional Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) tools. Furthermore, the selection of Tritech’s Micron sonar for the ARTEMIS console highlights its capabilities in target identification both at close and long range.”