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OMS Roadshow

OMS Roadshow

07 July 2015

This event has concluded.

OMS invited guests to attend a consultation / discussion of their pipeline needs at Subsea UK's office in Westhill, Aberdeen.

The OMS team set up in Subsea UK's meeting room to present their services in a walk-in, open-day style event. Marketing and Communications Manager at OMS, David Gray, said: 

"The aim of this event was to promote Auga, an internal weld inspection tool, along with our quality assurance hand tools, and many of these were on display, which provided visitors with a good focal point for examination and discussion around the main topic of inspection."

Alongside a preview of the Auga – an industry-first for real-time integrity inspection – attendees also had the chance to find out more about the company’s range of technology and how it can help increase project efficiency. This technology includes pipeline fit-up solutions, as well as an unparalleled portfolio of inspection tools and software.

The event provided an excellent opportunity to engage directly with the OMS team, and also covered the company’s latest project news and announcements – including an introduction to the new WeldAnalysis software. This unique and powerful program collects, analyses and then presents a report to the user, enabling in-line, real-time qualification of the weld in the firing line.

Attendance of the event exceeded OMS' expectations. David said: "We thought visitors were going to stay with us for half an hour, or maybe an hour, but most actually stayed for about three hours. 

"All the big oil and gas names were within walking distance of the Subsea UK office, so this proved to be an excellent choice of venue. The staff were very hospitable and this was a very productive and useful exercise for OMS."

The Subsea UK meeting room is available for use by Subsea UK members. For more information, please email