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North Sea Work Brings World Firsts for Swagelining Limited

North Sea Work Brings World Firsts for Swagelining Limited

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04 September 2015

Swagelining Limited, a recognised leader in the design and installation of polymer linings for pipeline and riser systems, has completed work across eight North Sea assets over the last 12 months, including a number of world firsts for the technology.

These contracts saw Swagelining design, fabricate and install almost 90km of polymer liners into water injection pipeline in total, and included ‘first uses’ of the technology by four major operators. 

The work has involved the lining of a 4” line, the smallest ever subsea water injection system to be polymer lined, whilst a further project saw Swagelining’s longest pulls to date for 1515m stalks on a 14” pipeline. Projects have been constructed for installation in both bundles and by reel lay vessel. 

David Whittle, business development director at Swagelining Limited, said: "Polymer lining has already proven to be an effective method of providing internal corrosion protection to carbon steel pipelines and risers. 

"We are seeing a marked increase in the use of polymer lining technology across North Sea assets, demonstrated by the number of projects we have been involved in over the last year and the uptake by operators using the technology for this first time. It is encouraging to see this growth, and to see the industry take advantage of the many benefits of this technology.”

Since 2009, technology-focused Swagelining has grown to establish itself as the market leader for subsea polymer lining systems and has invested strategically in research and development to open up the choice of installer and construction options, as well as potential use for hydrocarbon service.

Swagelining’s Technology Development Group (TDG) currently works with operators to develop testing plans and programmes for material qualification, spearheading the development of new products and processes in polymer lining technology. 

One project currently being undertaken by Swagelining’s TDG is a Joint Industry Project with Saudi Aramco and The Welding Institute, which is investigating the extent of corrosion in a polymer lined pipeline when subjected to a sour hydrocarbon fluid environment. The TDG is also working on a materials testing programme in conjunction with two major operators to extend the boundaries for higher temperature water injection service, whilst incorporating the LinerBridge®, Swagelining’s weldable polymer connector, into the test programme.

Mr Whittle continued: "Polymer lining technology is a well-established and cost-effective method of preventing internal corrosion in carbon steel pipelines, however its full potential for use in the oil and gas industry, particularly for hydrocarbon service and in high temperature environments, is still relatively untapped.

"Swagelining aims to continue working closely with the industry and professional bodies, encouraging operators to consider the use of polymer lining when planning and designing new pipeline systems.”

Swagelining has a number of further projects booked throughout this year and into 2016 for North Sea and West African assets.