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Academy Unveils Ambitious Plans for Offshore Europe

01 August 2009

The Oil & Gas Academy will unveil a radical change to the closing day of Offshore Europe when it stages its flagship interactive oil and gas lifestyle and careers event at the AECC in September.

Re-envisioned by the Academy to provide added value to the industry, Energise Your Future at OE ‘09 will give oil and gas organisations direct access to young people already studying the key science, technology, engineering and maths subjects needed to fill the industry skills gap in the future.

Companies including BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Schlumberger, Total, Balmoral Group, Technip and Maersk Oil are among the heavyweights already taking part with participation open to any exhibiting company who can provide an interactive activity which highlights the wide variety of careers open to young people in oil and gas.

“Much has been said about the lack of interest young people have in science and technology and how the numbers taking up these subjects have fallen over the years. This means that industries, like oil and gas, which depend on science, engineering and technology skills are now finding it difficult to source the talented people they need,” said Academy chief executive David Doig.

“Energise Your Future at Offshore Europe is a significant departure from tradition for the exhibition, building on the work of previous years. The new format gives the next generation a better understanding of what they can aspire to be within the industry and the varied entry routes they can take depending on their personal interests and skills.

“Vitally, by focusing on students with an already established interest in pursuing these subjects beyond secondary school, this year's careers event will give the industry direct contact with the rising talent of the next generation who may well be the oil and gas decision makers of tomorrow.”

Around 350 pupils aged 15-17 from schools throughout the north-eastwill attend Energise Your Future. As well as touring the exhibition they will hear from Offshore Europe chairman Thomas Thune Andersen, graduate rising stars and other senior professionals currently working across the spectrum of industry disciplines.

Offshore Europe chairman and CEO of Maersk Oil, Thomas Thune Andersen concludes: “I firmly believe it is imperative that the industry continues to recognise the importance of informing, developing, and listening to the oil and gas industry's next generation. ‘Energise Your Future' will certainly play a part in this and I hope that all pupils will actively participate in the event and leave inspired about the potential opportunities that exist within the industry.”

John Gallagher, Shell's Vice President Technical, said: “We are delighted to be able to participate in Energise Your Future. Our business is an exciting and challenging one that offers wonderful opportunities to young people starting out on their careers. The energy challenges facing the world and the UK are greater than ever and I hope that many of the young people visiting Offshore Europe will be inspired and want to join the industry.”

An industry funded, employer led organisation, the Academy is the industry's focal point for skills, learning and workforce development. Its core aim is to achieve a sustainable, safe, skilled and effective workforce both now and in the future.

It does this by working in collaboration with industry employers, learning & training providers, education & academia and partnership organisations to monitor industry-driven standards of training around the world, deliver mutual benefit through the support of industry's learning needs and raise awareness of the wide ranging career opportunities the dynamic oil and gas industry can offer.

Any exhibiting companies who would like to participate should contact Diane Johnston on 01224 787805 or