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NCS Survey Inks Contract with SeeByte on Their Record-Breaking Technology

30 July 2009

SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software for unmanned underwater vehicles, is proud to announce that NCS Survey has chosen AutoTracker for their autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) fleet. The AutoTracker technology enables AUVs to detect and track a pipeline. This system will be integrated into both their recently acquired Gavia Offshore Surveyor AUVs rated at 500m and 1000m respectively.

The system has already been extensively trialled in recent operations with a Gavia AUV in Iceland, with triumphant success. These trials have been followed with successful operations in Azerbaijan where NCS Survey, with support from Hafmynd and SeeByte, has been inspecting a number of pipelines in the landfall area. The advantages of using AUVs over conventional methods are many, but the quality of the data from an AUV is second-to-none. With AutoTracker, the AUV can be made to fly at a predetermined offset from the pipeline and the side-scan data can be kept in the sweet-spot for the duration of the survey. No other survey method can replicate this performance at the pace or cost of an AUV.

NCS Survey's CEO, Andy Gray said, “The AutoTracker software has been invaluable to us. The surface software makes planning missions really easy. If we couple that with the ability for the AUV to track the pipeline in real-time by itself it makes our Gavia Offshore Surveyor a great proposition to all our customers. Most importantly SeeByte's safety culture is reflected in their processes and products.”

John Stout, SeeByte's Offshore Business Manager stated, “Over the last eight years we've listened carefully to ensure that the product was capable of meeting the requirements of the offshore industry and we are pleased to have achieved a successful partnership with NCS Survey and look forward to serving their future needs. We therefore will continue working closely with NCS Survey in order to further improve our offering to them as they grow their AUV fleet in the years to come.”