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GE Oil & Gas Develops Unique 60C Gas Turbine Generators for Rosneft Power Station at Vankor Oil Field

10 August 2009

GE Oil & Gas, a world leading company in oil and gas advanced technology equipment and services, announces that it has designed unique gas turbine generators that can operate in temperatures up to -60C for a power plant project at the Vankor oil field (Turukhansky district, Krasnoyarsk region) owned by Rosneft oil company.

undefined undefined undefined undefinedThe 210 MWt gas turbine power station at the Vankor oil field will become the only complete source of power and heat used for life support and oil and gas production, as well as part of the first stage of the oil field's launch into operation. Rosneft obtained licenses to explore the oil field in 2003.

undefined undefined undefined undefinedAs part of its continuing cooperation with Rosneft, GE Oil & Gas is supplying eight gas turbine generators based on MS5001PA gas turbines. To ensure reliable operation of the equipment in extreme climatic conditions, GE Oil & Gas has developed a special turbine design and used automated heating systems to transport and store the equipment on the site.

undefined undefined undefined undefinedThe gas turbine generators were delivered ahead of schedule under two contracts signed in December 2006 and May 2008. Four units were delivered to the customer in August 2007 and another four in March 2009. Under the contracts, GE will also train experts that will provide technical maintenance of the gas turbines on the site.

undefined undefined undefined undefinedIn addition, GE Oil & Gas has developed five special training programs for Rosneft personnel and is currently coordinating a tailored training program for the first group to be delivered at GE Oil & Gas headquarters in Florence, Italy.

undefined undefined undefined undefinedAlexander Chuvayev, GE Oil & Gas region sales executive for Russia and CIS, said: We are delighted to consolidate our partnership with Rosneft through the supply of MS5001PA gas turbines. This contract acknowledges the utmost reliability of our product structured equipment which can be customized to withstand operations in the world's harshest climatic conditions, for example, from minus sixty degrees centigrade in Siberia to plus sixty degrees centigrade in Africa and the Middle East.

undefined undefined undefined undefinedThe MS5001PA is a 26.3 MWt industrial-type single-shaft gas turbine. This type of equipment has the highest level of reliability. Over 2,500 MS5001's are in operation worldwide.