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Subsea UK Networking Event (Milton Keynes)

Subsea UK Networking Event (Milton Keynes)

11 May 2016
Venue: Milton Keynes

This event has concluded.

Subsea supply chain businesses in the area will be able to identify opportunities and debate the challenges facing the sector. There are a number of businesses in the region that are involved in the subsea sector which is focused on underwater activity in relation to oil & gas, defence, oceanology and marine renewables. 

Neil Gordon, chief executive of Subsea UK said: "As an organisation covering the whole of the UK, we want to help all companies in the subsea sector exploit the potential to increase business at home and abroad, particularly in the current lower oil price environment.  Anyone with an interest in the subsea industry is welcome to attend.

Three of our member companies Fugro Intersite, Litre Meter and Astrimar are opening their doors and look forward to welcoming you to their premises for a site visit.  

The group will then meet at Bletchley Park for a tour to step back in time at Bletchley Park and enjoy highly atmospheric soundscapes playing snatches of conversation, music, laughter and even a hint of romance, as well as the noises of bicycle bells and steam trains to conjure up how it would have sounded during WW2. The landscape has been restored to its WW2 appearance and the footprints of the long-gone Huts 2 and 9 marked out to remind visitors where they were. The tennis courts have also been restored to grass, as they were in late 1940 and early 1941. Explore, experience and enjoy:

Visitor Centrein Block C

CodebreakingHuts 3 and 6

Hands on for Kids at Bletchley Park

The Museum inBlock B

Brilliant Mindsin Hut 8

The Mansion exhibitions

The Bombe through the eyes of its WRNS operators inHut 11

Bletchley Park: Rescued and Restored in Hut 12

The Petard Pinch in Hut 8

The Imitation Game: The Exhibition

To close the event and the chance to get to know others in the group we'll convene at The Crooked Billet for an early evening supper


13:00 14:30 Opportunity for delegates to visit Fugro Intersite (now fully booked) or Litre Meter or Astrimar
15:00 17:00 Meet at Bletchley Park for a group tour
18:00 Early evening supper at The Crooked Billet

Please note that transport is not included.