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Subsea Aquatheatre gets Industry Backing

23 May 2008

Industry body Subsea UK announced today that it has commissioned the build of a large-scale portable aquarium for highlighting subsea technologies: the Subsea Aquatheatre. With full funding from its members, Subsea UK is set to deliver this attraction for its debut at the ‘Energise your Future’ event in Aberdeen’s Exhibition and Conference Centre on the 26th June. Thanks to support from industry, the exhibit will demonstrate the technology used underwater, such as cameras, remotely operated vehicles and diving equipment. Funding has come from several member companies: Wellstream, Oceaneering, Subsea 7, Triton, OPITO and the Engineering Business. The event, organised through a multi stakeholder alliance partnership with Marathon, OPITO, Careers Scotland, Energy Institute, Shell and WSCA, will soon have the world’s best marine technology at their fingertips. It is hoped that this attraction will encourage young people to pursue careers in science and engineering. The Subsea Aquatheatre will be a large tank containing 22,000 litres of water where visitors to the exhibition can gain first hand experience of what it is like to drive an ROV in an aquatic environment. One of the main aims of this event is to tackle the skills shortage in the subsea sector. Subsea UK chief executive David Pridden said: “The event is a prime opportunity for us to showcase the Subsea Aquatheatre. We believe this exhibit is a fantastic way for young people and adults to play with technology that is used in the real world and a chance to rid any negative stigma associated with a career in the oil and gas industry.” “The UK subsea industry is one of the most exciting and fastest growing technology sectors in the world that is pioneering Earth’s last frontier. It is a career that can take you to all four corners of the globe – working in locations as diverse as the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean or even the Artic.” “Through this attraction we hope to show youngsters that there is an element of fun in what we do and this is a chance for them to put their playstation skills to use.” To find out further details, attend or exhibit at the event please contact - OPITO - The Oil and Gas Academy Tel: +44 (0)1224 787805 Fax: +44 (0)1224 787830 web: