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New Sonar Interface Unit from CodaOctopus: Octopus 160

06 October 2009

The new Octopus 160 has an all-new design and is now a compact, rugged and weather-proof sonar interface unit. Compatible with EdgeTech's work-horse 272TD dual frequency sidescan sonar it is simple to operate and is suitable for small boat use in many types of underwater survey.

Housed in a rugged custom Pelicase, the 160 is highly portable and it can be operated with the lid closed allowing uninterrupted operation in harsh environments. Another popular feature is the new simple user interface for all controls and once configured for a specific towfish, this needs no further adjustment.

With direct connection to standard EdgeTech 272TD tow cables and full compatibility with Octopus, Coda and other post processing systems, this new sonar interface can extend the operability of this highly regarded analogue towfish.

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