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Tritech Successfully Deploys Shark Detection Sonar

Tritech Successfully Deploys Shark Detection Sonar

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16 February 2017

Tritech International Ltd, a Moog Inc Company, has successfully deployed its first full-beach shark detection system in collaboration with Shark Mitigation Systems Ltd (SMS). The Clever Buoy system is currently active at City Beach in Perth, Australia.

Each Clever Buoy is solar powered and utilises a PC running the jointly developed SharkTec software, with three sonars creating a continuous area of coverage. When the SharkTec software identifies a shark, a message is sent to onshore via the Clever Buoy app and is integrated into emergency services messaging to the public. City Beach now has two Clever Buoys active, each with three sonars, creating a "virtual shark net” around the entire beach.

Richard Talmage, General Manager, Shark Mitigation Systems Ltd said: "The Clever Buoy project has been an exciting journey between Shark Mitigation Systems Ltd. and Tritech International Ltd.  Over the past few years we have successfully created a unique, commercially viable and non-invasive alternative to shark mitigation methods that will hopefully benefit communities around the world in years to come.”

The system uses Gemini 720is multibeam sonars which combine the benefits of high-definition imaging, medium-range target detection, and a fast update rate; making it ideal for marine life detection.

Pauline Jepp, Senior Software Engineer, Tritech, commented: "SharkTec was born from SeaTec, our existing marine mammal detection software. Data has been collected by SMS over a number of years and used to adapt SeaTec software to be more focused on sharks. The system was trialed extensively in Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour, Hawk’s Nest Bay and Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa before being deployed in Perth.”

SMS approached Tritech in 2013 to collaborate on the project following a number of successful projects where the company’s SeaTec software was used to detect marine life around tidal turbines.

Pauline Jepp continued: "It has been a fantastic experience to work with Shark Mitigation Systems on such a unique project for Tritech. Target detection and tracking is an important extension of sonar technology and Tritech will be continuing to develop these applications to this and other industries.”