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Falcon Picked for Icebreakers

20 October 2009

Two newly designed Russian icebreakers are sharing a Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV for pipeline operations in the Barents Sea.

Housed in a dedicated control container, the Falcon is passed between the ships as they undertake pipeline survey and inspection work, along with diving support tasks.

The specially designed container was created and manufactured by Tetis Pro, Saab Seaeye's Russian distributor, and the largest company in Russia to specialise in the design, construction and supply of diving and subsea equipment.

The two new diesel-electric icebreakers, St Petersburg and Moscow, are built to an advanced hull design that improves seaworthiness in hostile sea-states and needs less power input during icebreaking operations.

The Falcon's ability to work in demanding conditions and powerful currents, despite its compact size, is one of many reasons why Tetis Pro chose this highly successful vehicle.

‘Nothing matches the Falcon,' declares Dmitry Voytov, Head of ROV at Tetis Pro. ‘It is simple to use, light to man-handle, and fast to deploy. Upgrade is easy, and various tooling skids can be added and changed as needed.'

He explains that in addition to undertaking survey and inspection work, the Falcon supplied to the icebreakers is fitted with a detachable five-stage manipulator skid for light work tasks, along with preparing underwater cargo ready for lifting.

It is the fifth Falcon supplied to Russian customers through Tetis Pro. Others are currently engaged in pipeline free-span monitoring, mine detection prior to pipe-laying, marine biology work and deployment within the Russian Navy.

Moscow-based Tetis Pro was founded in 1991 and not only designs, manufactures and supplies diving and subsea equipment, but has pioneered the concept of containerised diving systems in Russia.

Saab Seaeye is the world's largest manufacturer of electric ROVs and supplies systems to the oil and gas industry, defence forces, marine science and hydro engineering. Its parent company, Saab Underwater Systems, is itself a world leader in sensor systems, precision engagement systems, and remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles.