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Technip Shows Support for World Environment Day

6th June 2008

06 June 2008

Technip has hosted a series of internal events to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. These events took place on June 5th, in support of World Environment Day, which is a UN led initiative, acknowledged across the global Technip Group.

The main event undertaken by the company’s UK office, based in Westhill, encouraged people to see the benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling as much of their waste as possible. Aberdeenshire Council’s Waste Aware team was on site at Technip’s office with their ‘Waste Aware’ Bus to promote this message.

Aberdeenshire Council Waste Promotions Officer, Melanie Baldwin, said: “We welcome Technip UK’s invitation to come and talk to staff about waste issues. It’s very encouraging to have a company recognise the importance of this key environmental issue to the extent that they are making time available for staff to come and see us during the working day.”

The ‘Waste Aware’ Bus is based on a large touring coach. It is adapted – with displays, computer access and expanding sides – to act as a mobile venue for interactive exhibitions, workshops and roadshows dedicated to the subject of waste reduction, reuse and recycling. Members of staff who visited the bus were provided with information on recycling and given a free Technip re-usable cotton bag.

Another of the events that took place was a ‘Learn and Lunch’ session which focused on carbon footprint measurement. Chris Burgess, a Chartered Engineer registered with the Energy Institute and Carbon Trust gave a presentation which defined and explained a carbon footprint. Further to these two main events, a series of energy-related e-posters, on Technip’s Global Intranet site, were used to raise awareness of other environmental issues.

Ron Cookson, Managing Director, Technip UK, said: “Taking part in World Environment Day is an excellent opportunity to encourage all Technip employees to be more considerate of the environment both at work and at home. Protection of the environment is one of Technip’s core values and we feel regular events, such as this one, will help everyone in our organization consider the effect their actions may have on the environment”