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equityfor launches at OTC

equityfor launches at OTC

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10 May 2017

Last week at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Saxon Weber Group, an international investment bank with a focus on the energy industry, announced the launch of equityfor, the first online equity marketplace focused exclusively on the energy, technology and fintech sectors.

The platform is unique in providing deal flow and access to expertly curated early and growth stage companies and projects with differentiated offerings. The platform is backed by Saxon Weber Group’s international investment banking brand which collectively has participated in over $12b in transactions.  It is one of the only platforms focused on non-consumer related businesses and unlike other industry agnostic listing services and general deal-flow platforms, all the companies and projects are vetted deeply by best-in-class due diligence and in-house subject matter experts for quality and fit prior to publishing.

While at OTC – the equityfor team met with platform companies, investors, strategic partners, government agencies and their affiliates.  Tom McCann and Derek Weber visited with Ian Phillips, CEO of OGIC, Kornel Rost of Scottish Development International and Amanda Duhon of EIC (pictured below).  

Tom McCann, co-founder and one of the UK based managing directors elaborated saying, "I have long recognised a gap in the market for early stage energy technology companies in the UK looking for finance.  It turns out this problem also exists in the US and I am sure in other regions.  The UK, and especially Scotland, has always been a hotbed of oil and gas technology development but there has been a proliferation of new companies with great ideas and technologies since the oil price collapse.  However, there really are no institutional investors out there serving that community due to a number of reasons.  The platform allows companies to reach a wide audience with less distraction while offering an opportunity for investors, whether institutional or individuals, to spread their capital across many investments directly.  It can also act as a vehicle for shareholders to exit, thus eliminating many of the challenges faced by venture capitalists when looking at this space.”  

At the heart of their corporate culture is a personal dedication to investors and their objectives. The team looks to build loyal and trusted relationships with the people they work for.  equityfor delivers a secure, fully compliant, scalable platform designed to provide marketplace capabilities for investors and companies – the first equity marketplace focused exclusively on the energy, technology and fintech space.

Derek Weber, CEO and co-founder said, "We are excited to continue to work with UK and Scottish companies and organisations – these are some of the most innovative businesses and technical teams in the world – if we can provide some of the capital solutions for these cutting-edge companies we can help support Scottish enterprise while raising the industry at large through improved solutions and applied technology”.

The equityfor platform is providing investment access and proprietary deal flow to expertly vetted early stage technology companies for individuals and institutions. equityfor has been created to deliver access and enable syndication opportunities for individual investors to invest alongside institutional investors in differentiated companies and projects.