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Webtool Announces First Electro-Hydraulic Power Pack for Smaller ROVs at Offshore Europe 2017

Webtool Announces First Electro-Hydraulic Power Pack for Smaller ROVs at Offshore Europe 2017

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10 August 2017

At Offshore Europe 2017 Webtool will announce the industry’s first battery-powered, high pressure hydraulic power pack, enabling smaller and inspection class ROVs access to the Webtool range of hydraulic wire rope and softline fibre rope cutters.

The stand will also feature the Webtool Softline Deck Emergency Cutter, a portable softline emergency deck cutter for tugs, barges and offshore vessels. Easily deployed, and operated remotely, the cutter provides an instant cut of fibre ropes up to 80mm diameter in the event the vessel gets into difficulties. Also displayed will be the Webtool Cable Retrieval Tool (CRT200) for recovering subsea umbilical and cables on offshore oil & gas and decommissioning projects.

The lightweight, battery powered power pack gives electric ROVs a Webtool cutting capability for softline ropes and guidewires. Called EHP350, it is designed to be used with Webtool wire rope and softline at water depths up to 1000m.
"The Webtool electro-hydraulic power pack is an important advance in broadening the scope for our cutters to be deployed on all-electric, smaller ROVs,” says Keith Elliot, engineering director, Allspeeds Ltd. "It allows up to 20 cuts on a single charge of the power pack’s high capacity, rechargeable battery.”

Cable and Umbilical Retrieval

The Webtool CRT200 is designed for cable and umbilical retrieval, and decommissioning projects. It allows the safe and controlled recovery of cable up to 8” diameter. The hydraulically operated gripper is the first Cable Retrieval Tool developed in consultation with international certification body and classification society, DNV-GL.

Softline Deck Emergency Cutter

The Webtool portable softline emergency cutter is transported in a self-contained "sack truck” containing a hydraulic accumulator and manifold with lockable control panel and a removable cutter. During deployment, the cutter and its frame are lifted off the sack truck and placed over the fibre rope. In the event of an emergency, the cutter, connected to the control panel via a hose, is activated to cut the rope instantly.

Webtool Hydraulic Cutting Systems

Webtool hydraulic cutters for steel and fibre ropes are being used on a growing number of subsea and topside applications. Recent projects have included well intervention emergency disconnection packages, fibre rope winch emergency disconnection and decommissioning projects involving multiple Webtool cutters acting simultaneously.
The Webtool range of high performance cutting tools is designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd.