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DPS Awarded RESON a Contact for SeaBat 7125 ROV

16 December 2009

Dynamic Positioning Services Ltd in Aberdeen UK awarded RESON a contract for a
SeaBat 7125-ROV multibeam sonar system.

Dynamic Positioning Services Ltd., a Triton Group company, recently awarded RESON Offshore Aberdeen a contract
for a SeaBat 7125-ROV, dual frequency 200/400kHz, 6km depth rated. This sonar has been acquired for the
rental market.

Dynamic Positioning Services Ltd is a market leader in the sales, rental, calibration and repair of marine electronic
equipment for survey, construction, ROV, geophysical and environmental sensors. They carry an impressive inventory
and are able to offer a complete service, tailored to their customers’ specific project requirements.

The SeaBat 7125-ROV is a valuable sonar system to the offshore industry and is a market leader in its field. The
sonar system operates with a dual frequency of 200kHz or 400kHz with an effective swath angle of 128° and a
very high depth resolution of 6mm due to its beam forming capabilities and individual beam angle of 0.5°x1.0°.

The SeaBat 7125 features equi-angle and equi-distance amongst other efficiency enhancing features and the system
can be mounted on a ROV or installed on any vessel. The Dual frequency provides seamless coverage from 0.5 to
500m depth and is thus ideal for a variety of offshore and hydrographic applications in the North Sea.

Ross Macleod, the Technical Director in Dynamic Positioning Services Ltd. stated: “The SeaBat 7125-ROV adds
another multibeam system to our family of SeaBats already available from our rental pool. With this latest addition
we believe we can now service the offshore market more efficiently for the ever increasing demand for high resolution
multibeam systems.”

Dynamic Positioning Services Ltd. has many years of experience using and renting out RESON equipment. Their impressive
equipment pool already includes a wide range of SeaBat multibeam systems such as the SeaBat 9001,8101, 7111, 8125 and 7125 and now an additional SeaBat 7125.