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Independence Days

19 January 2010

Subsea solutions provider Hallin Marine has found a novel way of side-stepping the problems thrown up by the global economic downturn.

It has taken to emailing prospective clients ‘classified’ notices when vessels unexpectedly become available. The emails’ subject line reads: “DSVs are immediately available.”

Free for hire is Hallin’s flagship subsea operation vessel Ullswater , which had its latest contract terminated early this month.

Hallin had a similar experience late last year when a client paid an early termination fee for Ullswater , working in the Philippines, after its project requirements changed.

Last Word foresees a social networking site set up for the unfortunate Ullswater by the enterprising Hallin, in which its ‘relationship’ status of ‘free’ or ‘taken’ is regularly updated to let prospective suitors know when it is available once more.