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Lunch and Learn with Mental Health Aberdeen

Lunch and Learn with Mental Health Aberdeen

02 October 2018
Venue: Subsea UK Office, 30 Abercrombie Court, Arnhall Business Park, Prospect Road, Westhill, AB32 6FE

This event has concluded. A presentation is available below.

Astrid Whyte, Mental Health Aberdeen spoke about making people aware of mental ill health and positive mental health in the workplace.  What / how mental ill health can affect people at work and at home, how we can recognise the first signs of emotional distress / stress / anxiety in yourself and others and what, ideally, to do to avoid it.

What can affect a person’s mental wellbeing…
First tentative steps to:
•    understand what actually happens when our body signals
•    avoid it getting out of control
•    how to help others to go for help and make them aware that you are noticing signs of stress/ distress


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