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Trelleborg Launches a Custom-Engineered Elastomer-to-Metal Wellhead Sealing Solution

Trelleborg Launches a Custom-Engineered Elastomer-to-Metal Wellhead Sealing Solution

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31 July 2018

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has announced the launch of a new metal end cap seal specifically engineered for High Temperature / High Pressure (HTHP) wellhead tubing and casing hanger sealing environments, which combines the pressure and extrusion resistance of a metal-to-metal bonded component with the flexibility of an elastomer.

The high performance elastomer-to-metal bonded sealing elements provide the high level of extrusion resistance necessary for high pressure and temperature casing and tubing hanger applications. Combining the range of Trelleborg’s proprietary XploR™ Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) and sour gas resistant elastomers with corrosion resistant metal end caps, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions engineers can design a customized sealing solution to meet specific oil field requirements.

David Brown, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Global Director - Lead Group Oil & Gas, says: "High pressure wellhead sealing environments, such as casing strings and tubing hangers, are safety critical applications requiring a robust and capable sealing product. The new metal end cap seal that Trelleborg has developed uses our proprietary and proven XploR™ materials, which provide superior RGD resistance, oilfield fluid compatibility and longevity in HTHP environments. These benefits accelerate the performance of our customer’s equipment, allowing them to operate oil & gas equipment with optimal safety and reliability.”

Sealing in the elastomer-to-metal design solution is achieved by controlled deformation of the elastomer and metal end cap elements during installation and operation. Optimal stress distribution throughout the elastomer body is modelled through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure appropriate design standards are applied to each customer’s unique application. Extrusion resistance is provided by the specially designed metal end caps that provide positive metal-to-metal sealing interference with the hardware upon assembly and conform to any potential extrusion gaps under pressure.

The metal end cap seal can withstand pressures up to 103.4 MPa / 15,000 psi and temperatures up to +177 °C / +350 °F in static applications. The sealing materials comply with NORSOK, NACE, API and Total standards.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will be highlighting custom engineered metal end cap seals and other sealing innovations at ONS 2018, which takes place in Stavanger, Norway from August 22 to 30, in Hall 9, Stand 9810.