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Business Breakfast with Viewport3

Business Breakfast with Viewport3

14 November 2018
Venue: Subsea UK, 30 Abercrombie Court, Westhill, AB32 6FE

07:30 for 08:00
Close at 10:00

Richard Drennan of Viewport3 Ltd will present information of the value of subsea photogrammetry and the sub-millimetric accuracy available when the technology applied in a scientific manner. Often using the imaging equipment already available offshore, multiple operators are now using Viewport3 to simplify their subsea 3D inspection, scanning and measurements and reach places previously thought out-of-bounds for 3d scanning technologies.

The topics covered will include;

    Value of subsea photogrammetry
    Simplicity of image based scanning
    ROV and diver based platforms
    Case study info, including in-hawse inspections


This event is free to attend. Book online now using the button at the top of the page.