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Measurement Technology Centre
The Moat
Belasis Hall Technology Park
TS23 4ED

Telephone: +44 (0)1642 375500

With over 60 years’ experience, Tracerco is a global leader in specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions. We provide companies all over the world with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their operations. Our expertise allows customers to operate more productively, effectively and safely.

Our cutting edge inspection services are used subsea to provide operators assurance of the integrity of their assets and to diagnose flow abnormalities. Understanding the production system and pipeline transport network is key to safeguarding production from reservoir to point of topside processing. Our subsea solutions offering include flow assurance, pig location and detection, asset integrity; flooded member inspection to unique and novel level measurements. We can add value to your business by improving efficiency, reducing risk and saving money.

As the world’s only subsea nucleonic instrument provider, our systems provide the optimum measurement solution for difficult process conditions, where the presence of extreme temperatures, pressures or abrasive and corrosive materials prevent the use of other technologies. These reliable and accurate instruments give clients a real-time, insitu visualisation of their process conditions in subsea applications. Every instrument is custom designed and tailored to each customer’s specific requirement. The company has played a central role in several high profile subsea projects.


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Business Sectors

Pipe / Flexibles / Risers / Flowlines (Inspection / Testing, IT / Software, Services)
Renewables (Inspection / Testing)
Subsea Inspection / Repair / Maintenance (Inspection / Testing, Services)

Other locations

Pavilion 11
Belasis Hall Technology Park
TS23 4EA
United Kingdom
Contact: Robert Hardy
Tel: 01642 375500


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