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Forum Energy Technologies

Ings Lane
North Yorkshire
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Telephone: +44 (0)1751 431751

Forum’s Subsea Division is a leading provider of subsea related products and services. Forum’s extensive product line focuses on remote intervention technology with the capability to provide everything from a complete trencher to tooling and individual components.

Forum’s Subsea product range includes:
• Perry™ and Sub-Atlantic™ range of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), tether management systems, tooling and components.
• Dynacon winches, launch and recovery systems (LARS);
• VMax™ simulation software;
• Visualsoft data acquisition software
• Moffat subsea pipeline inspection gauge (PIG) launch and recovery systems and subsea connectors.
• Custom projects for oil, gas, telecoms, nuclear and defence customers

The Forum Perry range includes:
• Perry XLX Evo Ultra Heavy Duty ROV
• Perry XLX-C Heavy Duty ROV
• Perry Top Hat Tether Management Systems
• Perry Garaged Tether Management System
• Perry XT300, XT600, XT750, XT1200 Trenchers

The Forum Sub Atlantic Range includes:
• Sub Atlantic Comanche,
• Sub Atlantic Mohican,
• Sub Atlantic Super Mohawk,
• Sub Atlantic Mohawk
• Sub Atlantic Mojave
• SubCAN TM high speed communications data network system
• Sub Atlantic ROV Components including hydraulic thrusters, hydraulic power units (HPU), valve packs, compensators and pan & tilt units

Forum’s Dynacon product range includes:
• ROV Winch Systems
• Oceanographic Systems
• Traction Winches
• A-Frames
• Telescoping Launch and Recovery Systems
• Heave Compensation Systems
• Over boarding Sheave Systems
• Cable and Umbilical Lubrication Systems
• Custom and Bespoke Equipment.

Forums Perry Tooling Range includes:
• Standard Tooling including ISO/API
• Remote Intervention Tooling
• Bespoke Tooling
• Torque Tools and Control Systems
• Running Tools
• ROV Interface Panels
• Tool Deployment and Skids
• Servicing and Repairs
• Offshore Tooling Technicians

Forum’s VMAX product range includes:
• VMAX Full console ROV simulator
• VMAX Desktop ROV Simulator
• VMAX VMEditor Software
• Tailored Scenario Development
• Simulator Rental
• Promotional Animation Services

Forum’s VisualSoft is a market leading digital video and data acquisition and processing system for survey and inspection of underwater assets. Forum provide a complete solution for digital video capture, playback, processing and reporting of pipeline, structural or other inspection survey data. Our software also aids in the operation of obtaining detailed inspection surveys and is well suited to operate with ROV’s, divers and AUV’s.

The Visualsoft product range includes:
• Acquisition - VisualDVR, VisualData Logger
• QC, Eventing and Processing – VisualEdit Professional and Eventing
• Reporting and Review – VisualReview, VisualEdit

With facilities and experienced personnel in the UK, US, Brazil and Asia, Forum are able to offer operators of Perry WROVs, Sub-Atlantic OROVs and Dynacon LARS an unrivalled support service.


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Buoyancy / Protection (Equipment, Manufacturers)
ROV / AUV (Consultancy, Design, Engineering, Equipment, Fabrication, Inspection / Testing, Installation, IT / Software, Manufacturers, Marketing, Training)
Structures / Xmas Trees / Manifolds / Templates / Wellhead Equipment (Engineering, Equipment, Fabrication, Inspection / Testing, IT / Software, Manufacturers, Services)
Subsea Inspection / Repair / Maintenance (Engineering, Equipment, Inspection / Testing, IT / Software, Services)
Subsea Well Intervention (Engineering, Equipment, Inspection / Testing, IT / Software, Services)
Vessels (Equipment)

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Forum Energy Technologies (Uk) Ltd
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