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Brimmond Ltd

Tofthills Avenue
Midmill Business Park
AB51 0QP

Telephone: +44 (0)1467 633805

Brimmond Ltd are a renown hydraulic equipment and services provider, who over the years have diversified to also provide electric and Pneumatic requirements due to demand. Brimmond Ltd and sister divisions are solutions providers that cover the manufacture, supply, rental, test, refurbishment & repair of a wide range of equipment and services including:

•Diesel and electric Hydraulic power units (HPU''s)
•Umbilical reel and spooling winches
•Marine Cranes and spares
•Centrifugal and Wilden Pumps
•Flushing Units
•ROV & umbilical services
•Test facilities

Our premises has test facilities allowing pressure tests and load tests of up to 1000 tonnes for Cranes, LARS and winch systems as well as storage facilities for clients to help create a one-stop shop facility for many clients.

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