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Kawasaki Subsea (UK) Limited

2 Queen's Gardens
AB15 4YD

Telephone: +44 (0)1224 629702

Kawasaki Subsea (UK) Limited (Abbreviation as “KSUK”) was established and organized in Aberdeen, Scotland dated February 1, 2019, as a new subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan, for the purpose of specializing in the production of AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle).

With a focus on the growing demand for pipeline maintenance in offshore oil and gas fields, Kawasaki has been developing an AUV equipped with a robot arm for performing subsea pipeline inspections-the world’s first-based on a fusion of submarine technologies and industrial robot technologies fostered in-house over many years.

Kawasaki plans to produce and launch the AUV into the subsea market in early 2021 through KSUK. Prior to that, KSUK intends to increase its market presence and construct a business network, which is strategically located in Aberdeen-a hub city for North Sea oil and gas businesses. Scotland is a global leader in offshore development, innovating subsea technologies for offshore oil and gas development.

As further growth is expected in the AUV market, KSUK will aggressively pursue business expansion in this sector by developing high-quality, high-performance products, improving levels of customer satisfaction, and enhancing customer engagement. Kawasaki also intends to launch operations and maintenance services businesses using AUVs in the future, and to apply the AUV to areas other than pipeline inspections.


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Business Sectors

Renewables (Equipment, Inspection / Testing, IT / Software, Services)
ROV / AUV (Design, Engineering, Equipment, Inspection / Testing, IT / Software, Manufacturers, Marketing, Services)
Subsea Inspection / Repair / Maintenance (Equipment, Inspection / Testing, Marketing, Services)


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