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Allspeeds Ltd, Royal Works
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Webtool is a technology leader in hydraulic guillotine cutting and gripping tools for use with ROVs, emergency disconnection systems and offshore support vessels. Webtool high performance tools are designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd in Accrington, UK. With over 150 years of engineering excellence in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic equipment, Allspeeds has gained a global reputation for manufacturing a wide range of quality products for a wide range of industries including Oil and Gas, Maritime and Military.

Suitable for cutting wire rope, guide wire, cables, hoses, umbilicals and fibre rope, Allspeeds' cutting tool design allows for easy positioning of the cutter and is ideal for operation in confined spaces. In addition to blade-on-anvil cutting, Webtool has developed a new blade-on-blade cutting design. The main benefit is the reduction in deformation of wire rope during the cut. Maintaining the roundness of the steel wire section makes it much easier to re-use cut ropes during drill wire maintenance.

A further recent development in Webtool cutting technology is the emergency disconnection tool for subsea well intervention systems. The Webtool EDT tool can be readily integrated within a Subsea Jumper Deployment Frame or dedicated Emergency Disconnection Package to ensure rapid disconnection of multiple fluid transfer lines in the event the surface vessel drifts off-station.


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Subsea Inspection / Repair / Maintenance (Design, Engineering, Equipment, Installation, Manufacturers)
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Umbilicals / Cables (Design, Engineering, Equipment, Installation, Manufacturers, Safety and Risk)


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