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Marine Autonomy Seminar

Marine Autonomy Seminar

28 June 2023
Venue: PML, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth

Marine autonomy is predicted to be a £103billion market by 2030 and the UK Government wants Great Britain to be at the heart of the sector.  As a seafaring nation with a rich maritime heritage, the UK continues to develop new maritime technologies, evidenced by the maritime research vessel Mayflower Autonomous Ship.  A first of its kind vessel, it demonstrated the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technology on the ocean as it crossed the Atlantic in 2022.

AI development in the UK is well advanced and will contribute to the continued development of marine automation.  Across the underwater sectors, from floating and fixed offshore wind, oil and gas, decommissioning and CCUS, to ocean science, aquaculture, defence, subsea cabling and much more, marine autonomy can have a part to play.

This one-day seminar at PML in Plymouth will dive into this exciting subject, one which will deliver a technological sea change in the coming decades.  From underwater sensors collecting data to hull cleaning robots and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) stationed on the seabed for surveying pipelines and cables, the options for employing automation underwater are wide and varied.

Our seminar programme will feature presentations from companies actively working in this field – many at the forefront of the technology – demonstrating how marine automation can be utilised today and highlighting its future potential.

With automation, AUVs and robots offering the potential to improve the efficiency of operations, contribute to a reduction in costs associated with subsea inspection, maintenance and repair, and minimise carbon emissions, attend our event to discover more about how they could support your company’s operations.



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