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Skills & Careers

Global Underwater Hub's skills and careers resource includes online learning and educational initiatives

Subsea Channel
A series aimed at primary school pupils, Subsea Channel has been developed in five episodic 'packs', including videos and teaching materials for teachers to include in their lesson plans.

STEM Challenge
Inspiring the next generation of subsea talent, the STEM Challenge sees teams of 13-14 year old students compete in regional heats across the country to earn their place in the final. The challenges involve engineering and design elements, working as a team to develop solutions to problems.

Subsea Target
Providing resources aimed at tackling the skills shortages facing the subsea industry from both a company perspective, and for individuals looking to transition into the subsea industry - from school leavers to workers with transferrable skills.

Fundamentals of Subsea Systems
This short one-day course has been specially developed to provide a broad but in-depth overview of the sector, both from a UK perspective, and as a global sector and shares useful insights into the state of the art in subsea engineering & technology. It covers aspects of how subsea fields are developed, and how subsea systems are designed, installed, operated and decommissioned.

An Introduction to Subsea
Global Underwater Hub has developed this 40-60 hour remote learning course with the Robert Gordonís University, Aberdeen to support the induction of engineers and technicians from other industries as well as new graduates into the subsea sector.

An Introduction to Renewables
In conjunction with the University of Strathclyde, Global Underwater Hub has developed this two-day course aimed at helping delegates understand the technical and business aspects of the offshore renewables sector as we adapt to a Net Zero future.