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Aquatec Group has been a leading creator and innovator of subsea instrumentation for 30 years. The company designs cutting-edge instruments, technology, services and solutions for measurement, monitoring and communication underwater. Its diverse portfolio features custom systems for applications in offshore structure and pipeline monitoring, specialising in cathodic protection and monitoring, subsea pre-commissioning instrumentation, subsea leak detection, and remote data access with underwater readouts and through-water communication systems. It also has a range of products to measure physical oceanographic parameters including temperature, depth, turbidity and suspended sediment.In-house expertise includes: - Oceanographic instrumentation - Low power data loggers - Digital signal processing- Temperature and pressure measurement- Underwater optical instrumentation- Suspended sediment acoustic characteristics- High frequency acoustics- Underwater sound propagation- Underwater acoustic communication- Marine mammal acoustics- Cathodic protection- Hydrotest instrumentation

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