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Kraken Robotics Services UK Limited, formerly known as PanGeo Subsea, is part of Kraken Robotics Inc. - a marine technology company dedicated to the production and sale of software-centric sensors, subsea batteries, and underwater robotic systems. It provides high-resolution 3D acoustic imaging solutions and services to enable clients to overcome the challenges in our oceans - safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Kraken Robotics is headquartered in Canada and has offices in North and South America and Europe. Kraken is ranked as a Top 100 marine technology company by Marine Technology Reporter. Kraken Robotics Services UK Limited delivers marine geophysical-geotechnical services, specialising in high resolution 3D acoustic imaging solutions to mitigate risk in offshore installations by imaging and identifying geohazards in the seabed and providing detailed soil stratigraphy. These services are delivered using the following Kraken technologies: Sub-Bottom Imager™ The SBI is used for site assessment prior to pipeline and cable laying operations to identify geo-hazards, man-made objects (UXOs and the like) and debris lying in or near the projected routes up to 7m in depth. The SBI is equally adept in confirming Depth of Burial of pipelines and cables in any post-lay operations. Key Benefits include: Pre-Route engineering surveys; Decommissioning surveys; Unexploded ordnance survey support; Buried offshore pipe/cable as-laid / as built surveys; Buried offshore pipeline/cable integrity surveys Acoustic Corer™, The Acoustic Corer™ 3D technology images geohazards buried beneath the seafloor such as boulders, cemented layers, shallow gas, abandoned seabed infrastructure and unexploded ordnance up to 30 meters in depth. De-risking offshore foundation installation; Geohazard locating and imaging; High definition stratigraphic imaging and mapping.

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