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About Pharos Offshore Group Limited

Pharos Offshore Group provides comprehensive subsea services tailored to the offshore energy sector, with a focus on trenching, cable laying, and seabed interventions. Our expertise and state-of-the-art technology ensure efficient and reliable project execution across diverse marine environments.

Our Services:
  • Integrated Subsea Operations: We combine advanced equipment with skilled personnel to deliver seamless project execution.
  • Offshore Manning: Our experienced crews are proficient in operating subsea trenching systems and other specialised equipment.
  • Trencher Design and Build: We offer custom design and construction of trenching equipment to meet specific project needs.
  • Trencher Audits and Burial Assessments: We conduct thorough evaluations to ensure optimal performance and safety.
Our Equipment:
  • Jet-Trenchers: Efficient and powerful solutions for cable and pipeline burial.
  • Controlled / Mass Flow Excavators: Precision tools designed for effective subsea excavation.
  • ROV Jetting Skids and Subsea Ploughs: Versatile equipment for various subsea tasks.
  • Work Class ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles): High-performance ROVs for heavy-duty operations including observation, inspection, maintenance, and intervention.
  • PLGR Sets and Cable Recovery Grabs: Essential for cable laying and recovery operations.
  • Cable Cutting Tools and Boulder Grabs: Specialised tools for cutting and removing seabed obstacles.
Our Operations:
  • Trenching and Burial: Expertly laying and securing subsea cables and pipelines.
  • Deburial and Pre-lay Inspection: Preparing and inspecting the seabed before cable installation.
  • Post-lay Inspection: Ensuring the integrity and correct placement of laid cables and pipelines.
  • Free-span Correction and Rock-dump Dispersal: Addressing span issues and dispersing rock dumps to protect cables.
  • Seabed Preparation: Preparing the seabed for various offshore projects.
  • Remedial Burial and Route Clearance: Fixing burial issues and clearing paths for subsea installations.
  • Cable Recovery and Boulder Removal: Efficiently recovering cables and removing seabed obstacles.

Pharos Offshore Group is dedicated to supporting the offshore renewable sector and prioritises sustainability and environmental responsibility in all operations. We continually expand our asset fleet and expertise to provide innovative and reliable subsea solutions for our clients globally. For more detailed information, visit our website.

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